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Teaching campus with biomass combined heat & power fueled by stable waste


Keith Warth & Associates

Mud brick lined with SIPs. Old technology complemented by new technology.

Mud brick barns converted to energy efficient houses

.   Derelict Mud brick barns before restoration, now made useable by imaginative techniques.

 .    Offices heated by Biomass & passive solar design


Precast brick structural insulated panels


Innovative and sustainable technology

We always consider the most appropriate technologies for the job, whatever the style or function of the building. Designs incorporate natural heating and cooling using orientation (passive solar gain), natural ventilation, thermal mass and insulation. We have been at the forefront in promoting renewable technologies such as waste powered biomass Combined Heat & Power and heat pump systems. KWA employ the latest technologies such as “off site construction” and “structural insulated panels” (SIPs) combined with traditional construction where this is more appropriate.

Mud brick conversion, Suffolk -An example of this is the restoration of eighteenth century mud brick barns using lime renders and paints but lined with the latest SIPs system making it possible to retain the existing mud brick structure while making the derelict buildings into energy efficient houses.

Teaching Campus, Suffolk – Replacement of oil fired heating and electricity with biomass combined heat and power system fuelled by on site stable waste. This has converted the whole campus from a high carbon user to a positive energy contributor. This is part of phased improvements and extensions that KWA have designed over a ten year period.

Offices and staff accommodation Cheshire – Biomass heating serving administration and residential accommodation for 20 staff using stable waste from site (next phase is to add electrical generation CHP). Passive solar design, highly insulated, high thermal mass, passive ventilation, rainwater harvesting.

Laundry and service yard, Suffolk - Off site construction using brick/insulation/concrete panels constructed in a Belgium factory and Structural Insulated Panel roofs enabling this to be constructed in record time during a snowy winter.

Arts & Crafts style “suntrap” house Herefordshire – Orientation for passive solar gain, conservatory used as solar collector with vents to distribute heat. High levels of thermal mass and insulation. Re-use of stone from derelict buildings on site. Borehole water.

Two hostels and a house, Norfolk – Air source heat pumps, passive solar design, passive ventilation, external insulated render, high thermal mass, rainwater harvesting.

Four flats and 1 house, Norfolk – Air source heat pumps, Passive solar design, high thermal mass, rainwater harvesting.







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